Mission Statement

Independent visual arts and freethinking shaped by our surfing world.

GLASS* takes a different stance…

An exhibition in print, GLASS is a progressive, independent, tactile, limited-edition photobook.

Supporting surf-related photography, art and writing as valid artistic disciplines, GLASS is a platform for talented creatives and new concepts in surf culture.

The best work from dedicated and respected artists and thinkers is curated in a timeless, geographically themed series of collectible books to develop the long-standing relationship between surfing and visual art.

Collaborations with emerging talent and established practitioners shine light on contemporary projects and overlooked archives from the world of surfing.

As traditional outlets dwindle, GLASS mirrors the diverse strands of surfing today and their relevance to the wider world.

An independent reflection of surfing and its culture, our editorial brief is to shine light on the issues that threaten the environment our surfing lives depend on.

Free from advertising, fully independent and progressive, the GLASS photobook will document contemporary surf culture for years to come…

Lewis Arnold

*GLASS - [ glas, glahs ] connotations of “glassy” surf (the surfing idyll), photographic slang for lenses, implies looking at/through, GLAS in some North Sea countries.


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles